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The Tibbe-Line is a new portable clotheslines accessory. Can be used with your existing clothesline, hanger or make your own custom clothesline with twine or bungee cord. Made to conserve on energy, save space and organize.

Great for home, travel, camping
or use with Camper or RV, fishing hunting and other indoor/outdoor acivities.

Save your money on electricity, dryer damaged clothes, more hangers and other activities using energy and need the to save space and organize

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Indoor clotheslines
Outdoor clotheslines

You can dry up to 21 garments
in only 1 yard  of space.

Now that's efficient!

1 Package contains 3 Tibbe-Line's
$4.50 Shipping & Handling

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3 Good Reasons to Use Tibbe-Line

Energy Savings


1. Put some money back in your pocket from the money you will save from not using the dryer.
2. Energy Conservation, it will help the world tomorrow.
3. Colors will stay much brighter not using the dryer. Dry 21 garments inone yard of space.

Tibbe-Line clotheslines accessory has many multi uses for other activities: Great for home, travel, camping, auto, work, fishing, hunting, sports etc...Example: Hang multi uniforms on one hanger while traveling to sports events having the need to save space and keep organized while competing.

Indoor/ Outdoor Clotheslines


Hang it just about anywhere indoors or out!

Why not save yourself lots of time and money with the Tibbe-Line. 

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